zaterdag 4 april 2020

Vylmer, Apéritif du Sud

Some days you don’t want to spend too much time fixing your drink, but Gin & Tonics can get a bit boring after a while. While Italy has a well-known range of vermouths and amari, the south of France also has a lot of wine-based aperitif liqueurs. This style of aperitifs also seems to inspire Belgian producers. A few months ago we tested Midi Apéritif Classic Red, today we open a bottle of Vylmer, Apéritif du Sud.

Vylmer is a product created by the Belgian Annelies Lefere, but produced in the Provence. This aperitif is based on rosé wines from the Luberon, with a selection of herbs and a distillate of sweet and bitter oranges. It’s barrel aged for 3 months to get the perfect balance. Vylmer can be served neat, on ice, mixed with tonic or prosecco… or in cocktails.

In our next article we will shake up a nice Mediterranean style cocktail that will sweep you all the way down to the beach or coast of your choice. Today we enjoy a nice and refreshing Vylmer & Tonic. If you’re used to adding 5 cl of Gin to your G&T, watch it because you’ll need a bit extra of this product !

Vylmer & Tonic

1 part Vylmer
1 part Tonic

Add both in a glass with ice cubes. Give it one gentle stir to mix. Add a dried orange slice. 

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