maandag 6 april 2020

Médi-T - Cocktail for Caractère

A few days ago a representative of tour operator Caractère suggested to make a cocktail which would make people dream away to the holiday spots they love most. Lots of people will stay at home this summer because of the COVID-19 virus. Let’s soften the blow with a glass of pure sunshine.

That same evening I was enjoying a typical ‘south of France’ aperitif, Vylmer & Tonic
The question inspired me to upgrade that simple but tasty drink into a ‘real’ tasty cocktail. Fly away with me to the beach or coast of your choice.

During this #lockdown, you probably won’t have a lot of choice of bottles in your homebar, so I’m suggesting a few alternatives. It won’t be the exact same thing, but it will still be a tasty drink :
- If you don’t have Vylmer, try using Midi Apéritif, Aperol or even a Rosé vermouth.
- If you don’t have elderflower syrup, try using Fever-Tree Elderflower tonic and simple syrup. You will find both in most supermarkets.


4 cl Tequila Silver
2 cl Vylmer, Apéritif du Sud
2 cl Fresh lemon juice
1 cl Elderflower syrup


Bring all ingredients (except the tonic) together in a mixglass with lots of ice. Stir for 20 seconds and double strain in a nice cocktail glass with fresh ice. Top off with a little bit of tonic. Add a dried limewheel.

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