donderdag 30 april 2020

Gin & Vylmer

If you want to enjoy a tasty cocktail at home, it’s always easy to have a few “even parts” recipes at hand. Almost impossible to make a mistake and mostly very flavourful drinks.

Today I’m making another unusual combination with fino sherry. We add the boozy layer of the gin, with a lot of citrus notes, and the herbal and fruity notes of the Vylmer Apéritif. You do need a little bit of tonic to blend it together and add that ‘zesty’ extra.

Gin & Vylmer

30 ml HTK Gin (or another gin with fresh lemon flavour)
30 ml Tio Pepe Fino sherry
30 ml Vylmer Apéritif

Stir together the gin and sherry in a mixglass with ice. Strain into a tumbler with a big block of ice. Top off with a little bit of tonic. Give it one more gentle stir. Garnish with a fresh strawberry.

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