vrijdag 17 april 2020

Quick & Dirty French-style Apéritif

During these crazy corona-weeks you need to challenge yourself to do something crazy once in a while.

Is it possible to create a quick and dirty cocktail by picking a bottle of heavy booze and a second bottle with a French style apéritif? Let’s try it.

We mix vodka in even parts with a French-style apéritif and blend it together with a few splashes of tonic.

Maybe not my best recipe ever, but still enjoyable. Not bad at all for something you stir together under two minutes.

Q&D French-style Apéritif

4 cl Vodka
4 cl Midi Apéritif

Pour the vodka and Midi Aperitif directly into your tumbler. Add ice and stir for 15 seconds. Add some more ice and top with tonic. Give it just one more gentle stir. Add a dried orange slice.

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