dinsdag 7 april 2020

Dirty White Dog

Since about two months ago, we have a small white puppy at home. Her name is Penny and she really loves to play in the garden. The result most of the times is that she’s not really white anymore and needs a bath.

When I was joking about this with my neighbour (who also has dogs) on WhatsApp, he sent me a GIF with a “Dirty White Dog” cocktail, which is a variation on the well-known classic, The Dirty Martini. I never heard of this variation before and immediately wanted to try this.

A dirty white dog is a spirit-forward cocktail with a strong base of clear unaged whisky-spirit (you can’t call it whisky until it has aged for at least 3 years). “New make” is another name for this. It’s also a nostalgic reminder of the Moonshine that was distilled illegally in the Appalachian forests at night.

In liqueur stores you should be able to find (or order) a few brands of unaged whisky-spirit. Ole Smoky 
is present in almost any liqueur store and some supermarkets, but also local brands like The Belgian Owl have bottles with their new make spirit.

Of course I adapted the recipe a bit to my personal taste. I have to admit this was one of the tastiest cocktails I have tried in months. Damn, this was good… why haven’t I tried this one before ?!

Dirty White Dog

5 cl Ole Smoky Moonshine
2 cl Forest Dry Vermouth
1 cl Olive Brine (the liquid from your jar of olives, mostly a mix of salt, vinegar and water)

Add everything to your mixglass with lots of ice. Stir for 30 seconds. Strain in a chilled Martini glass. Add an olive.

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