woensdag 13 oktober 2021

'X' by Glenmorangie

A couple of years ago Belroy’s started to distill and blend spirits with the single goal that they would work just perfect for many cocktail recipes. I always thought that was a great idea and their vodka is one of the best I have tasted so far. It seems that this year the same idea is picked up by a few large distillers and brands. 

You could say that every whisky can be used for mixing. That’s true, but a proper mixologist will always mix and match the spirits based on taste and aroma. Creating a whisky that will be perfect for lots of mixes is another story. 

A few months ago Glenmorangie launched “X”. On the bottle it states clearly “Made for mixing”. This whisky has a slightly sweeter and richer taste which will absolutely stand out when mixed with any kind of mixer, or used in a cocktail. Just use 50 ml of whisky with 75 ml of mixer. The whisky is also perfect for low alcohol drinks where you use only 30 ml of whisky with your favourite mixer. I attended a webinar with Jan Van Ongevalle who suggested “X” highballs with following mixers : 

  • Lipton Peach Ice Tea
  • Coca Cola Signature Mixers “Woody”
  • Soda water
  • Ginger Beer

I asked what he thought was needed to create a tasty cocktail with cold drip coffee. The answer was “a bit a pear juice”. Certainly trying that too. But you know I absolutely love Old Fashioned cocktails, let’s start with that… 

X-O Fashioned

50 ml ‘X’ by Glenmorangie
A generous barspoon (or even two barspoons) of apricot marmalade
A dash of orange bitters
A splash of soda (sparkling water. I often use Perrier for this purpose)

The best way to mix this drink is to stir it up in stages. Add the Marmalade to your glass with bitters and 10 ml of whisky. Add a splash of soda. Muddle the marmalade to dissolve it. Add two ice cubes. Add 20 ml whisky. Stir. Add more ice. Add the last 20 ml whisky. Stir again. Add more ice. Garnish with orange peel of a dehydrated orange slice. Enjoy.

P.S. Watch out for next article, I made another variation on this recipe.

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