zondag 10 oktober 2021

Amortentia (Harry Potter Cocktail)

My wife, daughter and my wife’s best friend were organising a ‘Harry Potter Night’ on Saturday evening. All three of them are big fans of the Harry Potter movies. They picked their favourite movie from the series and were even doing a complete themed dinner. My daughter was wearing her Hogwarts shirt. Of course, they asked me to mix up a themed cocktail.

I made my take on the famous Amortentia Love Potion. Sometimes it’s made as a simple mix of cranberry juice, vodka and grenadine syrup. I searched for a more complex-flavoured recipe to make my variation. I wanted to use Drebbel Gin, which actually sounds like it’s from a Harry Potter movie anyway 😉   


40 ml Aperol
40 ml Pomegranate juice
25 ml Drebbel Gin
75 ml Prosecco

Add Aperol, pomegranate juice and gin to your shaker with lots of ice. Shake hard for 15 seconds. Strain in a cocktail- or coppa glass with lots of fresh ice. Add chilled Prosecco and give it just one or two gentle stirs. Garnish with raspberries and pomegranate.

P.S. This cocktail is also perfect for pre-batching. But do remember not to shake the bottle !!!

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