vrijdag 2 juli 2021

Amaretto Sour

In the European soccer competition tonight Belgium plays against Italy. Personally I don’t watch sports on TV at all, but I suppose most of you could use a recipe for a "quick and easy" cocktail… and why not, I’ll add some Italian flavors.

In my box with bottles that I still have to test, I found this nice bottle of Amaretto Florence. This Amaretto, produced at the Franciacorta Distillery has a very delicate profile. I compared it with other Amaretto bottles I had in my stock and the difference was very clear. Less overwhelming and more almond. More flavor is always good.  

A sour is one of the most popular base recipes, and it also works great for the Amaretto Sour. This is a low alcohol, slightly sweeter sour cocktail. 

Amaretto Sour

50 ml Amaretto
30 ml Lime juice
10 ml Simple syrup
1 dash of Angostura aromatical bitters

Add everything to a shaker with lots of ice. Give it a good shake and strain in a tumbler with fresh ice. Garnish with orange.

You can choose to have this cocktail with or without eggwhite foam. I prefer this one without a foam layer. 

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