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Wild Strawberry Cosmo - Filliers Vodka

My wife has a couple of favorite cocktails. One of those is certainly the Cosmopolitan. This pink cocktail is a fruity sour, served like a Martini. The cocktail became famous by appearing in most episodes of the HBO hit-series ‘Sex & The City’.

How to improve such a tasty summer drink? I have experimented with multiple vodkas and even gins in the past… but a few weeks ago I received a box with 3 brand new vodkas from Filliers. And these bottles just scream “try me in a Cosmo”. One of those three variations is even suggested by Filliers to use in a “Wild Strawberry Cosmo” recipe. 

Filliers Vodka is distilled at the Filliers Distillery in Deinze. Most people know Filliers because of their excellent genever and gin, but they already started creating vodka in 2006, with the acquisition of the ‘Van Hoorebeke’ distillery. This distillery was established in 1792, creating the first Belgian grain genever and premium vodka with the brandname ‘Van Hoo’. 

For the Wild Strawberry Vodka, they enhance the original grain vodka with a distillate of Belgian wild strawberries. The vodka has a nose of wild strawberries and red cranberries. The natural flavour of strawberries balances well with the pure grain aromas. The aftertaste is long, fruity and dry. 

Wild Strawberry Cosmo (by Filliers)

50 ml Filliers Wild Strawberry Vodka
30 ml Cointreau
30 ml Cranberry juice
20 ml Lime juice

Add all ingredients to a shaker with lots of ice. Shake short but powerful. Strain into your pre-chilled Martini glass. Garnish with a strawberry. 

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