zondag 4 juli 2021

Let's have a Bourbon Between the Sheets

Happy #IndependenceDay to all my friends in the USA. 

Let’s celebrate with one of the strongest cocktails on the menu. Today I’m mixing up a Bourbon-version of the ‘Between the sheets’. When it‘s really hot or if you would like to have more than one drink, you might lower the ingredients from 30 to 20 ml each, which still gives you 60 ml of hard liqueur. The orange liqueur should balance out the lemon juice. If the lemons are still too sour for your taste, add just a tiny bit of simple syrup. 

Let’s have a Bourbon Between the Sheets

30 ml Casa Magdalena Ron Blanco (White rum)
30 ml Maker’s Mark Bourbon
30 ml Cointreau
22,50 ml fresh lemon juice

Add everything to your shaker with lots of ice. Shake hard and fine strain in a chilled coupe. Lemon is the better garnish for this one. 

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