woensdag 23 juni 2021

Sunshine Lover 2.0

Two years ago I created the ‘Sunshine Lover’, a delicious highball cocktail with a base of Sierra Tequila. This summer, I wanted to improve that recipe. I like the typical grassy tones of Tequila, but already wondered what it would be like to also add a bit of warm rum flavor... without changing the recipe too much.

Señor Weber blanco rum is certainly no average blanco rum. For me it’s the perfect crossover between rum and cachaça. Weber Haus is one of Brazil’s best cachaça distillers, but they recently also started with their own range of rums. They have tons of knowledge on how to create tasty spirits from sugarcane juice. It’s definitely rum, but in the nose and mouth you will also recognize the typical cachaça grassy flavors. Don’t expect heavy agricole rum flavors, it really leans much more in the direction of cachaça, but with all the goodness of rum.

Sunshine Lover 2.0

30 ml Señor Weber Rum Blanco
30 ml Aperol
Fever-Tree Clementine tonic (You need about ¾ of a small bottle)

Add the rum and Aperol directly into your glass with lots of ice. Give it a good stir. Top with Clementine tonic and give it two more gentle stirs. Garnish with dehydrated orange and a sprig of mint. Very easy… but also very tasty !!!

Summers are for highballs, or is it the other way around? For me the highball-definition is more about the drink than about the glass. I’m talking spirit and mixers. For glassware highballs are actually pretty easy. You can use a classic cocktail tumbler, a highball longdrink or the coppa glass you use for G&T's or Spritzes. Even a large wineglass will be just perfect. 

Extra !!!
This summer (during the months of July and August) you can also enjoy this cocktail at Paal 26 Grand Café.

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