vrijdag 6 november 2020

Sherryweek 2020 : Gonzalez Byass Cristina

A Medium sherry is a sweet oloroso sherry. A small addition of just 13% Pedro Ximénez adds a little sweetness. This means it’s less sweet than cream sherry, which has 25% of Pedro Ximénez. 

Gonzalez Byass Cristina is aged for 7 years in American oak, following the Solera system. It’s bright amber colored and has aromas of raisins, wood and figs. In the mouth hints of oak.

Serve slightly chilled as an aperitif with cheese or paté. Also works great in slightly sweeter or fruitier cocktails. 

Easy Apero? Medium sherry works very well in a mix with Ritchie Orange (orange lemonade) 


30 ml Gonzalez Byass Cristina (Medium Sherry)
15 ml Cointreau
1 bs Campari 
Soda water

Stir everything but the soda water together in a mixing glass with lots of ice. Serve in an Old Fashioned glass with a big block of ice. Top off with soda water. Garnish with a dehydrated slice of orange. 

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