zaterdag 14 november 2020

World Diabetes Day - Caribbean Vibes

Days are getting shorter and darker, time for a last #throwback to summer before we’re getting totally in the festive mood for the Christmas holidays. I’ve kept this this recipe on the side until today, because November 14 is #WorldDiabetesDay.

In this recipe I’m trying a few new things. As some of you might know, my dear foodblogging wife has diabetes so in our home we don’t use sugar, except for my drinks. I have tried safe sweeteners in cocktails before, but it just isn’t the same. For example, Stevia syrup adds a horrible taste to your drink, which you need to mask with other ingredients. In this recipe I’m trying the new liquid Ellphi sweetener (syrup), based on grains. It’s actually a pretty thick syrup for kitchen use, so I’m just using only a barspoon of it, just like you would do with maple syrup. Depending on demand, we might add this syrup to the Tineke's Cucina webshop soon. 

The Plantation rum is a Jamaica vintage I received as a sample. I had a quick neat taste and thought this would mix great with lime and something fruity. The result is a pretty strong rum cocktail with some serious Caribbean vibes 😉. 

Caribbean Vibes

40 ml Plantation Jamaica Vintage
20 ml Ron Colon high proof rum
20 ml lime juice
20 ml Aperol
1 dash Angostura bitters
1 bs Ellphi liquid sweetener

Put everything in a shaker with crushed ice. Shake for 15 seconds and dirty-dump into your cocktail glass. Top up with some more crushed ice. Garnish with citrus and pineapple.

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