zondag 8 november 2020

Sherryweek 2020 : Gonzalez Byass Leonor

Next up for #Sherryweek : Gonzalez Byass Leonor, a Palo Cortado sherry.
The Palo Cortado is probably the weirdest type of sherry. The concept for this type of sherry was discovered ‘by accident’ when the flor had suddenly disappeared from a barrel. The aging process is a combination of both natural and ‘by oxidation’. In short, following fermentation to between 11% and 12%, the wine is fortified to 18% alcohol to enter the Leonor Solera. Adding this amount of alcohol will kill the flor. In the Leonor Solera the wine undergoes complete oxidation. The sherry remains in the American oak casks following the traditional Solera system for an average of 12 years. The name refers to the markings on the barrel. 

Due to its power and structure Palo Cortado is a perfect match for old cheese and strong meat such as venison. The power can also be used to make a serious slow-sipping cocktail 😉 

This drink is also my salute to the great Scottish actor, Sir Sean Connery, who passed away a couple of days ago.  

Easy Apero? Forget Whisky-cola. Try Palo Cortado & Cola !

P/C Martini

60 ml Belvedere Vodka
20 ml Gonzalez Byass Leonor (Palo Cortado)
10 ml Dry Vermouth

Stir with lots of ice until the drink is really ice-cold. Strain into a prechilled Martiniglass. Garnish to your own personal taste with a twist of lemon, an olive or a pickled onion. 

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