zaterdag 19 september 2020

The Fake Barrel Aged Bottled Frozen Negroni

I have done this experiment before, but not for such a long time. So I’m very excited to see how it worked out. And I will combine it with something else I learned recently. 

On the first of April (I’m not joking) my wife was preserving some vegetables in the kitchen and sealing them in plastic bags. I thought to myself, why not repeat my fake barrel aging experiment…

So I went upstairs to my homebar and added the classical three ingredients for a Negroni into a plastic bag. I also added a few extra charred wood pieces of Jack Daniel’s barrels. I intended this experiment to “age” until June, when I could taste it for the #Negroniweek. But COVID-19 paralysed the world and #Negroniweek was postponed until the second half of September. I decided to keep the bag in the back of my fridge until it was time to taste it. 

So this is it. Three years ago I did this same experiment but only “aged” my cocktail for a month. This time I had it aging for 5,5 months. 

The day before the tasting I opened the bag and strained the cocktail through a coffee filter. The clean cocktail was poured into a small jar and put in the freezer for another night. 

Important remark : I didn’t add water to the recipe, so I’m still going to stir this cocktail with some ice in a mixing glass before serving. I want my Negroni to have a bit of dilution-water.  

What was the result of this “Fake barrel aged frozen bottled Negroni” ? At least it goes on record as the Negroni with the longest or craziest name ? 😉 

Of course you immediately recognize the typical bold Negroni flavours, but after those first seconds you also notice the deeper layers. The oak and vanilla flavours of the Jack Daniels casks are clearly present. No sharp edges, but rounded and tasty… takes me right back to Italy !

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