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Negroniweek 2020 - Sbagliato Bianco

The #Negroniweek is an annual themeweek highlighting this iconic Italian cocktail, paired with a global fundraiser for charity. But we are still in 2020 and COVID-19 is still around. This year the activities will be limited to a digital-only event, raising money for organizations and initiatives that are providing relief for the hospitality industry, which have suffered immeasurable losses as a result of the global pandemic.

Of course cocktailbloggers and #drinkstagram influencers will post multiple delicious Negroni-style recipes and raise some extra attention for this initiative.

Traditionally the Negroniweek is always happening in June. Because of COVID-19 it was already postponed and is now happening this week 14 to 20 September.

During the year the Negroni cocktail is often featured on my timelines. We spend most of our summers in Italy and my Facebook and Instagram pages color red most of that period. In this themeweek I will share some of my fun experiments. Nevertheless I’ll stay true to the mission of my blog and keep it simple. If I can do this, so can you!

Let’s kick off the #Negroniweek with an unusual version of this cocktail… it’s white, it’s sparkling and it’s bitter-forward. 

Sbagliato Bianco

Ingredients30 ml Suze30 ml White vermouthProsecco

MethodIf you are going to use a big block of ice in your glass, first add the Suze and vermouth to a mixing glass with lots of ice cubes. Stir for half a minute. Strain into a tumbler with fresh ice.

If you are going to use smaller ice cubes in your glass, add both ingredients directly into your tumbler with ice. Stir for half a minute. 

Add some good quality Prosecco and give it just one more single stir. Garnish with a piece of lemon. 

We seem to still have a few days of Indian summer here in Belgium. Enjoy your drink with a ray of sunshine 😉  

Disclaimer : All pictures and texts are copyrighted by Geert Conard and Esito Management & Communications unless stated otherwise in the article. While some items might have been gifted by the producer or distributor, these are in no way paid promotions or recommendations.

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