dinsdag 22 september 2020

Glenmorangie - A Tale of Cake + Pairing with éclair !!!

Dr. Bill Lumsden, Master Whisky Maker at Glenmorangie, aged some of his whisky on Tokaj barrels (=the famous Hongarian dessert wine) resulting in a true taste-bomb for your sweet tooth : Honey, vanilla, passion fruit, pear, … It threw him back to his childhood years and the cakes he made with his grandmother. This whisky is absolutely perfect to pair with a nice piece of cake. The distillery worked with Dominique Ansel, the French pâtissier who invented the cronut. 

Back to Belgium – A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to receive a 50ml sample of this brand new whisky. But because it was just a small sample, I was also very limited in options. When I pour it in a glass, the empty bottle isn’t sexy anymore. And it’s really not enough whisky to do some cocktail experiments. Inspired by the story of the creation of this whisky, I decided to go for a pretty Instagram picture of the sample together with a nice piece of cake. I was thinking about the fantastic éclairs my local baker had sold back in June during the ‘Week of the éclair’. So I asked him if he could still make those… the answer was no.  

But Peter is not your average baker. He likes challenges, he likes whisky and he is very passionate about taste. 

I sparked his interest with this story and he suggested creating a brand new éclair with some of this whisky in the filling. Now that’s an awesome idea. I contacted the P.R. agency and managed to get him another small sample of the whisky. 

A few days later he came back with this: 

“A Tale of Cake” Eclair – By Peter Bosmans

This éclair has a delicious filling of salty caramel, roasted almond flakes and a cake that also has roasted almond flakes in its mix. The cake is sauced with Glenmorangie ‘A Tale of Cake’ whisky and sugar syrup. On top of the cake there is a mousse of passionfruit and mango. To finish the top part of the éclair is decorated with gold spray and sponge cake. It looks absolutely amazing. 

The different flavours of the filling match the flavours of the whisky. The colors match the colors of the bottle and box. That’s what I call a perfect pairing. 

And yes, this éclair absolutely tastes as good as it looks. 

I hope this can inspire some others to also create stuff like this 😊 

Bakkerij Bosbroek  
Peter & Katrien Bosmans-Vandebroek
Kroonstraat 46
3581 Beverlo

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