vrijdag 10 januari 2020

Caipirinha de Jerez

I received a bottle of Pitú cachaça, which is what you could call an “industrial” cachaça, produced in large quantities, to be sold in supermarkets worldwide. You can’t really compare it with the premium cachaça brands we tested earlier on this blog, just like you can’t compare Johnnie Walker Red Label with a Dalmore King Alexander III.

So I started thinking about a cocktail in which I could use this cachaça with the best possible result. After all, the mission of this blog is to enable you to make each cocktail at home with easy to find ingredients.

Two years ago I was in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) for Sherry Master 2018. On my first evening in the hotel, I went to the pool bar and ordered a Caipirinha. To my surprise it wasn’t the classic recipe with cachaça, sugar and lime. Instead they used a mix of cachaça and rum, which was absolutely delicious.

This version of the Caipirinha can be placed in between the classic Caipirinha and the Daiquiri, a combination of the more vegetal cachaça flavours with the chocolate sweetness of the rum.

This inspired me for this quick and easy version.

Caipirinha de Jerez

3 cl Pitú Cachaça
3 cl Infamous Rum
3 cl lime juice
1,5 cl sugar syrup

Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously during 15 seconds. Strain in a tumbler or the typical Mojito-glass. Add two quarters of a lime and ice. I’m not a big fan of crushed ice, so I selected a nice bar of clear ice.

As said, this was the quick and easy version, which also looks good on photo. The classic way is to cut a lime in 8 parts, add to the glass, add cane sugar, muddle, add crushed ice, add rum and Cachaça. More or less the way you would make a Mojito, but it does look a bit messy on photo 😉. 

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