woensdag 8 januari 2020

Bulleit BLT

Some combinations are very simple but nevertheless tasty. In the old days people often drank ‘Scotch and soda’, buy today people are used to a bit more flavour, so there might be a new trend starting.

The BLT sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomato is already world famous, the BLT drink could do the same. It’s a very refreshing longdrink all year long, but can also be served as a stylish adult drink.

BLT stands for Bourbon, lemon and tonic.

Bulleit BLT

4,5 cl Bulleit Bourbon
Wedge of fresh lemon
12 cl Tonic for a longdrink, much less if you choose a tumbler.

Fill an Old Fashioned or Collins glass with ice. I prefer a tumbler with a big block of clear ice, but feel free to use a highball with ice cubes if you want.
Add the bourbon, top up with tonic. Give it just ONE gentle stir. Garnish with a fresh wedge of lemon. Don’t use a dried slice, you need the fresh lemon to add to this cocktail.

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