vrijdag 31 januari 2020

Tournée Minérale : Sober Sour

Sober October, Dry January, Tournée Minérale, … I’m not a big fan of these temporary prohibition periods, which also involve some peer pressure. I think it’s always better (and healthier!) to use some common sense and enjoy quality drinks responsibly all year long. Does that mean I never drink non-alcoholic drinks as an aperitif ? Of course not. My daughter has a lot of “after school activities” and just like any other parent I often have to be her personal taxi-driver. On those days I mostly enjoy non-alcohol or low-alcohol drinks.

Until a few years ago this meant having to settle for a softdrink or juice. This had changed. For those of you who are looking for a real alternative to popular spirits, in the last two years a whole new range of NA spirits appeared on the Belgian market.
For me a mocktail is never a mix of juices. For me a mocktail is exactly what it says, a drink that looks and tastes like a real cocktail. If I don’t tell you it’s a mocktail, you would probably think there is alcohol in it.

In earlier articles we already created drinks with NA spirits from Seedlip, Nona, Nudo, The Bitter Note, … brands you really should give a try. I often hear remarks about ‘high priced flavoured water’, but if you take into account that these products contain several separate distillates and oils which are pretty expensive to produce, you might reconsider that thought. In my opinion gin is also often overpriced, because it doesn’t need to be aged like whisky. But the production process of gin and these NA spirits seem to be equally expensive. Just to be complete, just like not all gins are high quality, also not all NA spirits are high quality. I have tasted NA spirits which are basically water with a slight hint of lemon.

Today I combined two premium NA brands to create a sour-style cocktail.

Sober Sour

5 cl Nona June (NA Spirit with a taste similar to gin)
2 cl The Bitter Note (NA amaro)
3 cl fresh squeezed lemonjuice
2 cl vanilla syrup

Add everything to a shaker with ice. Shake for 15 seconds. Fine-strain into a coupe. Some dried melon completes the picture.

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  1. Love this NA cocktail! Vanilla and amaro are really a tasty combination. Thanks for the tip!!!!