woensdag 29 januari 2020

Amaretto Adriatico

We all know amaretto, the sweet Italian liqueur. But have you ever tasted white amaretto ? When I saw this product being used in an Instagram post, I replied that I had never seen this before. Shortly after I had a conversation with Amaretto Adriatico and learned this was indeed a brand new and unique product. Two bottles were delivered to our office for test. 
It took a few experiments to learn how to balance the flavour and strength, but it worked out pretty good. These amaretti are low in alcohol, but packed with flavour of the handpicked almonds from Puglia. I’ll share some cocktails with both bottles :

  • Amaretto Adriatico Bianco – Crushed almonds (16% alcohol)
  • Amaretto Adriatico Natural – Roasted almonds (28% alcohol)
Amaretto is a very versatile product to use in drinks. You can serve it neat, on the rocks or even add some ginger ale or ginger beer for a refreshing highball.
Why not try a sour with some lemon juice and egg white ? Or why not add some bourbon or whisky to that sour ? Why not add some amaretto to your coffee ? It all works.
But what I really wanted to do was make a few variations on the Godfather cocktail. Traditionally this is a very easy to prepare 50/50 drink with whisky and amaretto.
I’ll make you a cocktail you can’t refuse
2 cl Santa Teresa rum
2 cl RCS High proof rum
4 cl Amaretto Adriatico Roasted almonds
For this drink we wanted a rum which is low on the typical chocolate flavours, but with slightly more vegetal flavours. Santa Teresa is just perfect for this. We also added high proof rum to boost the base of the cocktail.
Stir together for 15 seconds in a large glass with ice. Strain in an Old Fashioned glass with a large block of ice. Add a dried lemonwheel.

La Madrina

5 cl Filliers Genever (unaged) – You can also use a good quality vodka instead
4 cl Amaretto Adriatico Bianco

Amaretto Adriatico Bianco is a very low ABV liqueur. You can easily sip it with ice in a tumbler.

We added some genever to boost it up a little. It remains an easy-sipping and very refreshing cocktail.

Stir together for no longer than 10 seconds in a large glass with ice (or stir in the glass – your choice). Serve in a tumbler with a large block of clear ice. No garnish needed.

Disclaimer : All pictures and texts are copyrighted by Geert Conard and Esito Management & Communications unless stated otherwise in the article. While some items might have been gifted by the producer or distributor, these are in no way paid promotions or recommendations.

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