donderdag 23 december 2021

Xmas Gifts Parade 2021 - Cucielo Vermouth

I promised more authentic Italian bottles, so here we are. Very nice red and white vermouths by Cucielo. You can enjoy it neat, with ice or in any cocktail that calls for vermouth. Just perfect for simple highballs such as this one.

Cucielo Bianco is mostly influenced by artemisia, pink pepper, cardamom, green apple, elderflower and pomegranate. Cucielo Rosso is mostly influenced by artemisia, yarrow, Chinese gentian, Sicilian bitter oranges, vanilla pods and cloves.

Cucielo Highball

30 ml London Dry Gin
30 ml Cucielo vermouth di Torino (pick your choice, white or red)
60 ml tonic

Build in a highball glass with lots of ice. Give it a few stirs. Garnish with citrus.

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