vrijdag 24 december 2021

Christmas Gifts Parade 2021 - Golden Eight Pear Liqueur

Just a few more posts to go in this edition of the Christmas series. We had to adapt the name because Facebook kept blocking the posts and even threw me in Facebook Jail for a day. 

Today’s bottle is without any doubt the most beautiful bottle for this year : Massenez Golden Eight Pear Liqueur

A very rich aroma of Williams pears. In the mouth more of those fresh pears, marmalade, caramel and vanilla. Aged for more than 8 years. Delicious to sip neat, but fantastic taste explosion in cocktails. I had the pleasure of tasting this fantastic liqueur before and was very happy to be able to play with it again. I decided on mixing flavours without any recipe in mind. The result was mindblowing delicious. You'll want a refill !!!

Infinite Gold

Ingredients50 ml Glenmorangie X whisky
20 ml Golden Eight Pear Liqueur
10 ml Insurgent Cold Drip coffee 

Add all ingredients to a shaker with lots of ice. Shake until the shakers gets really cold. Fine strain in a cognac glass. No garnish. Be amazed by the taste. 

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