dinsdag 5 januari 2021

Singapore Sling

Let's start the year with a more complex cocktail, before we return to our mission of easy cocktails that everyone can make at home.

In classic cocktails you have “old classics” and “modern classics”, but in both you have the “more common” classics and the “maybe not so common” classics. These are the cocktails that you definitely have heard of and you’ve seen them appear on the menu of your favorite cocktail bar… but in reality it’s a drink you haven’t really tasted that often. While you probably have tasted several glasses with a Whisky Sour, Old Fashioned or Daiquiri, I bet you haven’t tasted that much Singapore Slings. Am I right? 

The Singapore Sling is a recipe which is easily tweakable, so they will taste slightly different each time you sip them in a bar. The Singapore Sling was created in the early 1900s at the bar of the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The oldest recipe in my book collection only mentions lemon juice, Dry Gin, cherry brandy and soda water. Benedictine was optional. The recipe has evolved a bit since that time… 

Too many ingredients? I’m pretty sure you can order this great cocktail for home delivery from many cocktailbars. It’s also available from the BarBasille cocktail-webshop. 

Singapore Sling

30 ml Bombay Sapphire Gin
20 ml Cherry Heering 
10 ml Benedictine 
10 ml Cointreau
1 dash Angostura bitters
30 ml Pineapple juice
15 ml Lemon juice
10 ml Grenadine

Shake all ingredients with enough ice for 15-20 seconds. Strain in a chilled cocktailglass with fresh ice. Garnish with pineapple, mint, cocktail cherry… or a flower. For me a flower refers best to the old Singapore. 

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