maandag 11 januari 2021

Ceder's Cucumber Delight

Most of our followers should know by now that I’m not a big fan of prohibition months like ‘Sober October’, ‘Dry January’ or ‘Tournee Minerale’. I still believe in enjoying tasty drinks all year long, but with moderation. Use some common sense when enjoying your favourite spirit or cocktail. 

But even then, some days alcohol is not really an option because I still have to drive to a meeting or need to pick up my daughter from her violin lessons. On such days a nice mocktail can be enjoyed. I do like non-alcoholic vermouth-style aperitifs and non-alcoholic Gin-replacements. Today I’m talking about Ceder’s Crisp, which is a non-alcoholic gin-replacement. It’s distilled with Swedish water and South-African botanicals such as juniper, lemon, cucumber and camomile. Ceder’s also has three other flavours available. 

Ceder’s & Tonic

50 ml Ceder’s Crisp
150 ml Premium Tonic
Garnish with a slice of cucumber and a sprig of mint

To be really honest when I smelled and tasted the pure liquid, I really didn’t get the juniper. The cucumber was much too overwhelming. I did get a hint of the camomile however. I decided to work with this and enhance the cucumber into a drink that would be really perfect at lunchtime. 

Ceder’s Cucumber Delight

50 ml Ceder’s Crisp
15 ml Lime juice
15 ml Lemon juice
10 ml House of Broughton Natural Cucumber syrup
10 ml Martini Floreale (Non alcoholic vermouth)

First coat the inside of your glass with a few strips of cucumber. Fill up with ice cubes. 

Shake everything together with lots of ice. Strain into you cocktail glass.
Garnish with fresh mint. 

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