vrijdag 15 januari 2021

Deanston Kentucky Cask Matured

A new bottle of Deanston whisky came to our office and the label states in very large writing “Kentucky Cask Matured”. This does raise an eyebrow, because most Scotch whisky is matured in ex-bourbon barrels (sometimes finished in other casks) and most of those ex-bourbon barrels are sourced from Kentucky. So let's neglect the shiny marketing and look at what's in the bottle. 

The color of this whisky is light golden, indicating that it’s still a young whisky. Lots of fruit in the nose. Not very exciting in the mouth. A bit of honey, butter and dough. Hints of fruit. 

Conclusion, it’s certainly not a bad whisky, but I have tasted better already from Deanston. I guess this whisky will appeal most to people who enjoy a refreshing longdrink in the evening. It does have that alcohol-kick which works pretty good with mixers like coke or ginger-ale. I mixed up a simple Horse’s Neck and absolutely liked it. If you want to enjoy a better Deanston dram in this price range, I would recommend the Deanston Virgin Oak, bottled at 46,3% instead of 40% which gives it a lot more body. 

Deanston Horse’s Neck

50 ml Deanston Kentucky Cask matured
120 ml Fever-Tree Ginger-Ale
A lime wedge
A dash of walnut bitters

Build this drink in your longdrink or highball glass. Add ice cubes to your longdrink, add the whisky and bitters. Pinch the juice from a lime wedge. Top with Ginger-Ale. Give it one quick stir. Garnish with a dehydrated lime wedge. 

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