donderdag 10 december 2020

Xmas Gifts Parade 2020 : Johnnie Walker and Oogst van Eden

The iconic brand of Johnnie Walker celebrates its 200th birthday with a few exclusive bottles and new designs. The new Red, Black and Gold bottles are real eyecatchers in any bar, available at your local liqueur store right now. For this unusual holiday season, Johnnie Walker asked me if there was anyone I would like to thank for inspiring me in the past year. Since 2020 was indeed a very special year, struggling through two lockdown periods, I didn’t have to think very long to select someone who really touched me with his professional story. 

Philip Reynders is the Chef of ‘Oogst van Eden’, a small bistro a mile down my street. For me this butcher’s son really fits the ‘Keep Walking’ mantra of Johnnie Walker, pushing boundaries. Philip and his wife Hilde had this fantastic idea to support the ‘short chain’, creating their “Fier op Hier” menu (Translates as ‘Proud on Local”) with a maximum of local products. They select ingredients from local farmers and create very tasty dishes around these products. From aperitif until dessert, the whole menu is a tribute to the local producers of our town, Beringen. And this is of course also a very nice way to support local farmers through this COVID19 period. 

I’m happy to nominate Philip, to receive a bottle of Johnnie Walker 200y Limited Edition Gold. Yesterday I passed by the restaurant and delivered the gift, corona-proof of course. Enjoy a good dram and keep on working with that great idea. 

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is a luxurious and smooth whisky, bursting with honey, dark fruit and vanilla flavours. It’s a blend of Speyside and Highland whiskies, with just a few notes of the West Coast. You can enjoy it neat or with a few ice cubes. Adding a splash of apple juice can add a pleasant freshness. The mellow sweetness is also the perfect base for a classic cocktail recipes like the Old Fashioned or Whisky Sour. But for this occasion, I’d like to enjoy it in a very refreshing longdrink, which could also be a good aperitif during the holidays.

Johnnie Lemon

50 ml Johnnie Walker 200y Limited Edition Gold
150 ml Franklin & Sons Lemon Tonic
7 ml Simple Syrup
1 dash Grapefruit bitters

Build in a highball glass with icecubes. Give it a quick stir. Garnish with a fresh piece of lemon and a twist of lemon. 

Oogst van Eden, Korspelsesteenweg 197, 3581 Beverlo

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