maandag 21 december 2020

Xmas Gifts Parade 2020 : Vilarnau Limited Edition Cava

Christmas is just a few days away, so let’s get to the more festive drinks. When thinking about cocktails for these holidays, you absolutely need to consider bubbly cocktails made with Champagne, Crémant, Cava or Prosecco. There is a whole range of very tasty recipes from the classic “Champagne Cocktail” (with brandy and sugar) to the modern classic, the Negroni Sbagliato. 

Today I’m going for another pretty classic recipe : The Poinsettia. You could say it’s something like a crossover between a Champagne cocktail and a Cosmopolitan. The name refers to the Poinsettia flower (“Kerstster” or “Christmas Star” in dutch), which is commonly associated with Christmas. So it’s absolutely perfect for our “Xmas Gifts Parade”.

For the bubbly we picked Vilarnau Limited Edition Cava (Extra Sec). Since my wife happens to be diabetic, we always go for Extra Sec, Extra Brut or Brut Nature, so this is absolutely perfect. This wine is produced from a blend of Macabeo, Parellada and Subirat grapes. Lots of fruity aromas, you can still smell the grapes. 

In most recipes they use a bit more of the cranberry juice, but I wanted a dry result with a fruity aroma. This recipe gave me the exact result I wanted. 


15 ml Cointreau
60 ml Cranberry juice
Vilarnau Limited Edition Cava (Extra Sec)

Add the Cointreau and Cranberry juice to a chilled Champagne glass. Stir to blend. Top with sparkling wine. Add a cocktail cherry. 

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