donderdag 19 maart 2020


If you really like cocktails, I bet you might also have seen the movie ‘Cocktail’ (1988) with Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown. Halfway through the movie, they are bartending in the very posh ‘Cell Block’ club when Brian Flanagan (played by Tom Cruise) jumps on top of the bar to recite the “Last Barman” poem : 

“I am the last barman poet
I see America drinking the fabulous cocktails I make
Americans getting stinky on something I stir or shake
The sex on the beach
The schnapps made from peach
The velvet hammer
The Alabama slammer
I make things with juice and froth
The pink squirrel
The three-toed sloth
I make drinks so sweet and snazzy
The iced tea
The kamikaze
The orgasm
The death spasm
The Singapore sling
The dingaling
America you've just been devoted to every flavour I’ve got
But if you want to get loaded
Why don't you just order a shot?”

I thought it would be a good idea to reshake one of the cocktails mentioned in this poem. I chose a vodka-based cocktail which I could describe as the macho version of a Cosmopolitan. Just take away the pink cranberry juice from the Cosmo and if needed, balance the sour of the lime with a bit of sugar. The official recipe is an even-parts cocktail with vodka, Triple Sec and lime juice. I’m going to do it just a little bit different.


4,5 cl Vodka
2,5 cl Triple Sec or Cointreau
2,5 cl Fresh Lime juice
Optional : ½ bs sugarsyrup

Add everything to a shaker with lots of ice. Shake during 20 to 30 seconds.
Double Strain in a Martini-glass or a fancy wineglass. Add a dried lime slice. 

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