donderdag 12 maart 2020

Blood Drop Cocktails

Each year I buy a bunch of blood oranges, to make some home-made dehydrated slices for my cocktails. When I have a few extra, I squeeze them for the delicious bloody red orange juice.

When juice of blood oranges is used in cocktails, they often use too much. I like cocktails with max. 15 ml of this juice in them. I call them ‘Blood Drop cocktails’. They work best in sour style cocktails.

Blood Drop Margarita

5 cl Tequila silver
1,5 cl Lime juice
1,5 cl Blood orange juice
3 cl Cointreau Blood Orange
Optional : ½ bsp Agave syrup

Shake with lots of ice. Double strain in a Margarita glass. Add a cocktail cherry.

Blood Drop Sour

5 cl Deanston 15y whisky
1,5 cl Lemon juice
1,5 cl Blood orange juice
1,5 cl Honey syrup
1 dash Blood orange bitters

Shake with lots of ice. Double strain in a tumbler with a big block of ice.
Add a dehydrated slice of blood orange.

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