dinsdag 17 maart 2020

Easy Sloppy Joe

Sometimes people tell me they think it's really hard making cocktails at home, using more than two ingredients. They refer to difficult recipes they see in bars, using special syrups, cordials, shrubs etc.

Well, there is absolutely no reason to be afraid because there are lots of easy recipes around, which will enable the home bartender to prepare some delicious cocktails. No special syrups or whatever… only ingredients you can find in any store. Let's try it !

Easy Sloppy Joe

22,5 ml Bacardi Rum Carta Blanca (white rum)
22,5 ml Forest Dry Vermouth
7,5 ml Cointreau
7,5 ml Grenadine
30 ml fresh lime juice

Bring everything together in a shaker with lots of ice. Shake for 30 seconds and double strain in your glass. Most people love coupes for this cocktail, but I like my Sloppy Joe's in a tumbler with a big chunk of ice. Add a dried orange slice and enjoy !

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