vrijdag 10 juni 2022

Sugar and spice

This ‘Sugar & Spice’ is a spicy alternative for a classic Rum Old Fashioned. 

With a base of Mexican Sol Tarasco Charanda Rum, I started this drink as a Rum Old Fashioned, with some sugar and Angostura aromatical bitters. Then I added a shot of Ambr. After some balancing, this ended in a tasty, but spicy drink. 

Ambr is a non-alcoholic drink, created by 'Ghost in a bottle' and based on curcuma and ginger. You can drink it mixed with soda or added in your tea. You could even drink it neat as a digestive shot or use it in the kitchen to spice up your desserts. It doesn’t have a strong and pure ginger taste like other similar brands, it's a very clever marriage between ginger and curcuma. 

In cocktails, this drink works more or less like a liqueur, but it’s no liqueur. It doesn’t contain any alcohol and even the sugar level is almost nothing. This is about spices and taste. I have used ginger mainly in sour-style drinks before, but never in Old Fashioned-style drinks. Ok, I might have used ginger syrup before, but no similar products. I was surprised by the result. 

Sugar & Spice

50 ml Charanda Rum or Rum Agricole
20 ml Ambr Curcuma & Ginger
10 ml Simple syrup
2 dashes Angostura bitters

Add everything to your shaker with ice. Give it a good shake and serve over fresh ice in a tumbler. Garnish with dehydrated orange. 

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