woensdag 8 juni 2022


Can an Old Fashioned recipe inspire me to create a totally different sour-style drink? Apparently, it can. When I saw this recipe online with Japanese whisky mixed with rum agricole, I just needed to try this with some pineapple. The result was interesting. It’s a cocktail with complex flavours, which you don’t expect. 

If your palate is more “bartender-like”, try it without the sugar, to experience the true profile of this drink. Including the sugar, this drink is ready for an audience that wants something more than a simple Whisky Sour. 

For this drink, I used Mexican Sol Tarasco Charanda Rum, aged for 4 years. Charanda is a regional product from the state of Michoacàn. It’s distilled from sugar cane, and harvested 1300 metres above sea level, using traditional production methods and a slow distillation process. The Pacheco family has been making Charanda (also known as Guarapo) for more than 11 years. The distillery is located in Uruapan.


25 ml Japanese blended whisky
(I used ‘The Tottori’)
25 ml Sol Tarasco Charanda Rum 4y
25 ml Gonzalez Byass Amontillado sherry
25 ml Pineapple juice
7 ml Simple Syrup

Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice. Give it a good shake and strain over fresh ice in a tumbler. Garnish with a cocktail sherry. 

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