dinsdag 31 augustus 2021

After Dinner Martini for real coffee lovers

It’s rather unusual for this season, but this summer I’ve seen several new bottles hitting the shelves. Today I’m combining two new Belgian products in a delicious after dinner cocktail.

Insurgent Cold Drip : Imagine roughly cut coffee beans and ice cold water. It takes 18 hours to create cold drip coffee, drip by drip. The caffeine level is almost double from normal coffee but all the rough edges are gone. 70% less sours and bitters. 100% clean and natural in every single drop.  

Pinguino Vermouth : Seasoned Chef Wim Schoofs shared this project with me almost a year ago. It took until now to prepare for the launch. Wim has spent many years finetuning the recipe for this premium vermouth, made with herbs and spices from all around the world. It’s absolutely refreshing in a highball with tonic. But when you use it as an ingredient for a proper cocktail, in my opinion it develops very interesting flavors which are more like an amaro. But just to be clear, Pinguino is wine-based just like any other vermouth. Very special product that really changes in taste when sampling it neat, with ice, with water or with any other mixer. 

No, this cocktail is not your average Espresso Martini. I’ve seen similar recipes before with very herbal amari, but never with a vermouth. The flavors and aromas of the vermouth absolutely take the lead. The coffee undertones define the type of drink. This recipe will not create a thick and creamy foam layer like a classic Espresso Martini. In the taste it will highlight raw and pure tones instead of the silky softness you’re used to. It’s really another type of drink, but very tasty. I dare to state this is a coffee cocktail for real coffee enthusiasts. 

After-dinner Martini for real coffee lovers

50 ml Filliers Grain Vodka
30 ml Pinguino Vermouth
25 ml Resurgent Cold Drip coffee
10 ml Honey syrup

Add everything to a shaker with lots of ice and shake for 10 to 12 seconds. Strain into your glass. It works pretty good in a tumbler with fresh ice, but you can also serve it as a Martini. I don’t really need garnish on this one, but when you serve it to your guests maybe add a few coffee beans just as you would do with an Espresso Martini. 

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