zaterdag 24 april 2021

Marama Origins Indonesia Rum

Some bottles sound so mysterious, I really need to taste them pure to experience the taste and aroma to the fullest. On the bottle of this Marama Origins Indonesia it says “Spirit drink, made with spiced rum, distilled in Indonesia”. Let’s be honest, this is not your average bottle of rum. 

I would probably just call it a “spiced rum”, made from Indonesian sugar cane and distilled in a continuous column still. The taste is also pretty different from your usual rum, because they use plants and fruits that are typical for Indonesia. Vanilla and Galanga root are the primary botanicals. 

Presented in a beautiful bottle we see a dark amber colored rum with aromas of spices and ginger, next to fruity notes of dried fruits like plums and raisins. In the mouth it’s a pretty sweet rum, with a refreshing citrus touch.  

I enjoyed a glass of this spirit, pure with a big block of ice. Next, I also tried a very simple sour with 25 ml of lemon and 10 ml of simple syrup. This would pair pretty good with a nice piece of dark chocolate.

The result was very different from any other rum (or Daiquiri) I’ve tasted before, but certainly tasty. If you want to taste a very different kind of rum, you might give this a shot 😉 

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