dinsdag 27 april 2021

Graham's Port & Tonic

It’s springtime and we’re counting down the weeks to summer. Pubs and bars will also soon be allowed to re-open. Bring on those refreshing, fruity summer drinks. 

Gin & Tonic is still one of the most popular drinks, but maybe gin isn’t 100% your thing? 
Would you rather have a similar refreshing drink which has much more fruity flavors? 
Why not try a Port & Tonic.

Port & Tonic

50 ml Graham’s Blend Nr. 5 White Port
100 ml Indian tonic

Add the port to a longdrink or coppa glass with lots of ice. Top with tonic and give it just one good stir. Garnish with a half slice of dehydrated grapefruit.

If you want some more flavors, try adding some fresh mint and lime to the glass. 

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