vrijdag 30 april 2021

Bardot en Saint-Tropez - Maman Brigitte Rum

Last week I watched the product presentation of ‘Maman Brigitte’, a blended rum by (R)asta Morris, the independent bottling brand of Bert Bruyneel. We also got some cocktail suggestions by Noa Van Ongevalle, leading lady of cocktailbar The Pharmacy in Knokke. 

Maman Brigitte is a blend of 8yo Barbados rum, 5yo Dominican rum and 3yo Jamaican rum.

The Foursquare Barbados rum really puts its mark on the flavour profile of this blend. I don’t taste a very typical sweet rum flavour. The first dominant aroma is against all expectations citrus. This opens lots of opportunities for a nice fruity summer cocktail. The Dominican rum adds herbal and spicy notes. The Jamaican rum adds ‘funkiness’ due to the high amount of esters*. (Esters are natural compounds that are created through chemical reactions during the fermentation process when yeast mixes with molasse)

The character “Maman Brigitte” is a Goddess in the Voodoo legends of Haiti. She was the wife of Baron Samedi. She’s a goddess of life, death, justice, motherhood, fertility, cemeteries, crosses, gravestones, women, souls of deceased relatives, obscenities and passion. But of course there have been lots of famous Brigitte’s throughout history, so I picked my own choice for this delicious summer cocktail. I made one of these for my wife and when I asked her the next day what she wanted to drink, she replied “The same as yesterday”. 

P.S. During the online masterclass, Noa mixed up a tasty Zombie cocktail with 50 ml Maman Brigitte, 30 ml lime juice and 20 ml homemade falernum syrup. 

Bardot en Saint-Tropez

45 ml Maman Brigitte Blended rum
30 ml Triple Sec
40 ml Pineapple Juice
30 ml Lime juice

Add all ingredients to a shaker with lots of ice. Shake for 10 seconds, double strain in a Martini glass. Add a cocktail cherry. 

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