donderdag 8 april 2021

Crazy Monkey by @sommthing.RAD

From the very start of my blogging adventures I always had a very clear mission in mind. It was January 2016 and more and more people were enjoying Gin & Tonics at home multiple times a week. I wanted to convince them to buy a few more bottles and experiment with easy but tasty homemade cocktails. This means I often have to ‘undress’ recipes which are too difficult, suggest different preparation methods or find alternatives for hard-to-find bottles etc. 

A while back I got a message from Amanda Greenbaum. She’s a mixologist, sommelier and winemaker from Malibu (California) with more or less the same mission. She published a nice cocktail book with easy recipes and wanted me to have a look at it. On the first page she’s already very cheeky with her statement : “This book is for all of the suckers who paid twenty dollars for a cocktail last night you could’ve made at home. It’s okay, we’ve all been there”

You can order the book from her website, it’s packed with tasty recipes. I selected this easy, but soooooo very tasty cocktail… 

Crazy Monkey

60 ml Dark Rum (I selected a nice bottle of El Ron Prohibido Solera 12)
15 ml Giffard Banane du Brésil  
30 ml Kahlua coffee liqueur

I mixed everything together in a mixing glass with lots of ice. Strained it into a small tumbler with a nice block of clear ice. Garnish is optional, I used some tiny flowers to make it a bit more Instagrammable 😉 .

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