dinsdag 4 augustus 2020

The Garibaldi - A two ingredient drink that separates average bartenders from mixologists

Today I’m going to talk about one of the most iconic Italian cocktails. No, it’s not the Aperol Spritz, Negroni or Americano. It’s actually one of the most popular and at the same time most simple summer drinks, enjoyed in many countries around the world. You only need two (or if you really want, three) ingredients for this drink : The Garibaldi, also known as the “Campari Orange”.

Now what is really the difference between a plain and simple Campari Orange… and the iconic Garibaldi ? It’s all a matter of bartending skills. This cocktail is really what separates the average pub-bartender from mixologists in high end cocktail bars.
While the average bartender will just add Campari and orange juice into a longdrink glass with a couple of icecubes and a slice of orange, the mixologist will create a drink that will really connect to your taste buds in a way comparable with enjoying a meal in a two-star restaurant.

Really ? With just those same two (or three) ingredients ? Yes.

A Garibaldi is always made with fresh orange juice, squeezed right at the moment when you prepare the cocktail. The juice is fine strained to get a clean liquid without any bits in it. Next is the magic trick that will transform the cocktail completely. The orange juice is blended at high speed to mix it with oxygen. Don’t add ice in your blender, just blend the orange juice. You really want a light, fluffy and frothy juice.

This drink was named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, who was a central figure in the unification of Italy. It’s also the flagship drink at Dante
, one of the world’s best bars. The best Garibaldi I personally ever had was at Il Marchese in Rome, a bar with over 500 different amaro-bottles on their backbar.
Now try for yourself and taste the difference !

The Garibaldi

45 ml Campari
120 ml Fresh orange juice, strained and blended
Optional : Max. 5 ml Simple Syrup

Add two ice cubes into your longdrink glass. Add the Campari and half of your juice. Stir until perfectly mixed. Add another two or three icecubes and the rest of the juice. Don’t stir. Garnish with a nice orange wedge. Enjoy.

No two oranges are the same in taste. If you need a bit of sugar to counter the bitterness, add a little bit of simple syrup to your mix before you stir.

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