maandag 24 augustus 2020

Italian Sazerac

Two years ago I was asked to join the press corps for the world finals of the Amaro Montenegro cocktail competition in Italy. One of the first things we did that week was visit the Montenegro Group production plant near Bologna. I can still remember the incredible smell of the macerating herbs for their amaro. But, maybe a bit to our surprise, the largest part of the factory is actually the distillery for another great product : Vecchia Romagna, the finest Italian brandy.

With this brandy I’m now treating myself to a delicious Sazerac.

Italian Sazerac

60 ml Vecchia Romagna brandy
10 ml Simple syrup
5-10 ml Absinthe
3 drops Absinthe bitters (or Peychaud’s bitters)

Start by coating your glass with a bit of absinthe. How much Absinth is hard to say, because it depends on the size of your glass. I used a large Cognac glass for my drink, so I needed a bit more. Don’t discard the extra Absinthe, just leave it in the glass. Remember to swirl it around again before adding the rest of the cocktail.

Add your brandy, syrup and bitters to a mixglass with lots of ice. Stir for half a minute, swirl your glass and stir again for a few seconds. Strain into your glass.
No garnish needed, if you really want something add a twist of lemon. Enjoy.

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