vrijdag 30 december 2022

My New Year's resolution

This blog started in January 2016, so starting a new year always feels special for this blog too. Next month I’ll be running this boozy online diary for 7 years already. Maybe it’s time to try a few new things... 

This Christmas, my better half gave me this cocktail book, themed on the popular “Peaky Blinders” Netflix series. In most cases, when cook- or cocktail books are linked to a popular TV series or film, they are absolute rubbish.
In the best cases, they contain a few classic drinks that you’ll find in a thousand other books, but I’ve seen more books that weren’t even worth the paper they were printed on. 

And then I got this book…  
Browsing through the pages, I was amazed. The book contains 40 recipes of semi-classic drinks, that are adapted to the Peaky Blinders timeframe. The book oozes the prohibition era and speakeasy bars, not in Al Capone’s Chicago like might be expected, but we zoom in on the roaring twenties in Birmingham, England. 

While looking at the 40 recipes, I couldn’t help thinking I will absolutely love all these drinks. The Birmingham Sour, Red Horse, Vendetta, Ulster Force, Derby, Easy Dizzy, … So, I had this idea…

In 2023, I will mix up most (or probably all) drinks in this book and be further inspired to make some new original recipes in the same Peaky and prohibition style. Some of the recipes in the book will of course be slightly adapted to my personal taste. 

Enjoy the end-of-year festivities. Make sure you’re ready for an engaging 2023. I’ll welcome all of you to lots of tasty recipes in the New Year. By order of the Peaky Blinders, have a healthy and prosperous New Year. 

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