donderdag 5 mei 2022

Play that Cello

My wife has Italian roots. That means she also inherited all the typical Italian characteristics. What does that mean? A lot of cursing behind the wheel, lots of black coffee, she loves to cook and... each year she brews her own limoncello and arancello.

So, whenever I have to test any kind of ‘cello’, she is always interested and in the end she always decides her old family recipe, handed down from generation to generation is the best. That last part is certainly true. It’s fantastic.

Now, how about these three bottles I received for a test last week. Limoncello based on lemons from Sorrento (Amalfi coast), orancello (In Italy they normally call this arancello?) made from organic South-African oranges. And last but not least, something I had never tasted before, Anguriacello. Same kind of product, but made from watermelon. The Naturals is a Belgian brand owned by Albatross Liqueurs. 

First things first, a neat sip. Flavours are certainly present, alcohol is less than what I’m used to at home. This might be tricky when I start mixing. The first thing I tried was a shot of ‘cello’ topped with good quality Prosecco. Nope, this didn’t work. I either need more alcohol or much more ‘cello’. Let’s try something completely different…. And yes, this was a hit. 

Play that Cello

60 ml Natural ‘Cello’ of your choice
30 ml Vodka
15 ml Fresh lemon juice
10 ml simple syrup

Add everything to a shaker with lots of ice. Give it a good shake and strain over fresh ice in a tumbler. Garnish with citrus.

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