maandag 2 mei 2022

Duno Cosmo

It’s always interesting to discover variations on old recipes, that really add something new and exciting. Let’s talk about the Cosmopolitan, the pink drink that became extremely popular due to the SATC sitcom on TV. How can we improve this drink. I’ve already done some variations with other juices, but this time I’ve tasted something interesting.

Duno liqueur is a brand new Belgian product, a liqueur made from 100% organic seaberries. Duno contains 25% of alcohol and is very easy to mix. You could also have a shot as a digestif after your meal. Let’s put this liqueur in the spotlight of a new style of Cosmo. 

In this recipe I have used Triple Sec from Social Club, you really need to check their webshop for great apero boxes. 

Duno Cosmo

30 ml Duno liqueur
20 ml vodka
20 ml Triple sec
30 ml cranberry juice
20 ml Lime juice

Add everything to a shaker with ice. Shake for 10 seconds, strain into a nice coupe. Garnish with a lime zest or cocktail cherry.

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