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Julia "The Hive"

Aperitifs exist in all styles and beverages. A good aperitif prepares the stomach for the meal and activates your taste-buds. A glass of good quality Champagne or a simple Gin and tonic are both examples of excellent aperitifs. But that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself. In Italy for example, people drink lots of aperitifs based on Aperol and Campari such as the spritz, Americano and Negroni. But if you’re a beer enthusiast, a nice pilsner can also be a pretty good aperitif. 

Today I want to show you a different kind of drink, that has the same roots as the popular Mexican Michelada cocktails. It’s a beertail, a cocktail that basically uses beer as a mixer. 

I didn’t pick just any kind of pilsner for the mixer, I got myself a Julia Belgium aperitif. 

Is this a beer? You won’t find the word “beer” anywhere in their marketing. They promote Julia as a brewed aperitif and they already have two flavours available: 

  • Julia “The Birth” - This is a double fermented blond aperitif with a fresh and balanced palate with hints of fruit. Only a slight bitterness and a velvety taste.  This brewed aperitif is infused with cascade and Amarillo hops. It’s a cloudy ‘brew’ because of the production process with malted barley and wheat. 
  • Julia “Sunny Joy” - A mixture of tropical citrus aromas, generated by the combination of Simcoe and Citra hops. 

I decided to use Julia “The Birth” for my drink. The malted barley of course sent my mind in the direction of whisky. But flavour-wise, I thought Bourbon would be a better match. 
Larceny is a "wheated Bourbon" which uses wheat instead of rye, so that must be a perfect match. This Bourbon 
is produced with 68% corn, 20% wheat and 12% malted barley. Other “wheated Bourbons” on the market have a maximum of 16% wheat in the mashbill.

Julia “The Hive”

30 ml Larceny Wheated Bourbon
22 ml Fresh lemon juice
22 ml Honey syrup
Top with Julia “The Birth” brewed aperitif

First add Bourbon, lemon juice and honey syrup to a shaker with ice. Give it a good shake and strain it into your cocktail glass. You can use a highball or any kind of beer glass for this drink. I decided to use the original Julia Belgium glass. Top with the brewed aperitif and give it just a gentle stir. Enjoy!!!

TIP: If you’re still in doubt about mixing Bourbon and pilsner beer, I’ve also created a similar drink for Paal26 Grand CafĂ©, which will be available on the next suggestions menu. 

Disclaimer: All pictures and texts are copyrighted by Geert Conard and Esito Management & Communications unless stated otherwise in the article. While some items might have been gifted by the producer or distributor, these are in no way paid promotions or recommendations.

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