donderdag 7 april 2022

Fuyu Tonic

When we talk about whisky and mixers, the first mixers that come to mind are cola, soda, ginger-ale and ginger beer. But what about tonic? I recently saw a social media post of one of my favourite Scottish brands, launching ready to drink highballs, mixing their whisky with tonic. Interesting. 

You won’t have the sweetness of cola or ginger-ale, but it will have more actual taste than soda. Tonic has this slight lemon touch. Let’s try to mix up a Japanese style highball, the Fuyu Tonic.
I added 50 ml of Fuyu Small batch blended Japanese whisky to a highball glass with a big rock of clear ice. Then I added Schweppes Premium tonic and gave it a gentle stir. 

What about the result?
This was probably the very first time I tasted whisky and tonic. I would probably add a pinch of lime next time and maybe use a bolder whisky. It is definitely interesting to try and explore. 

Fuyu is a blended whisky made from malted grain and mash corn on the island of Honshu, aged for 3 years in oak barrels. This handcrafted whisky uses distillates from several distilleries, carefully selected by producer BBC, which is actually located in Bordeaux, France. It’s a powerful blend in a typical Japanese style. 

COLOUR : dark amber
NOSE : floral and youthful aromas with caramel and spicy notes
PALATE : Generous oak and cooked fruit
FINISH : Hint of smoke

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