maandag 10 januari 2022

Winter Margarita

Happy New Year
- Time to start shaking our first drinks for 2022.

I often try out recipes which are shared or suggested by producers and distributors. Sometimes they can still be improved or simplified, other times they are spot on. I really liked this one. 

Winter Margarita

50 ml Tequila Silver
30 ml Triple Sec
20 ml (fresh!) Passion fruit

Add both spirits to a shaker with lots of ice. Also scoop in 20 ml of fresh passion fruit. Shake hard for 15 seconds until your shaker gets really cold. Fine strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with orange zest. My excuses, your shaker will need a good clean after making this drink, but it’s worth it. 

The original recipe also adds a cinnamon stick to the shaker, but I don’t really think it adds that much. If you want to add a bit of cinnamon flavour, you get a tastier result by decreasing the Triple Sec to 25ml and adding 5 ml of Monin Cinnamon syrup.

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