donderdag 4 november 2021

Old Fashioned Week 2021 : Candy Old Fashioned with Jack Daniel's

The annual Old Fashioned Week is probably my favourite week of the year. For my friends at Paal 26 Grand Café I created a small selection of Jack Daniel’s drinks for this week. The ‘Candy Old Fashioned’ is one of the most fun drinks you’ll ever taste. It’s like a carnival, mardi gras and Disneyland mixed together into one delicious sweet drink. 

Candy Old Fashioned

50 ml Jack Daniel’s Whiskey
10 ml Monin Popcorn Syrup
1 dash of Nutty bitters (I used walnut bitters, other nut bitters are also fine)

Just add everything to a tumbler with ice cubes and stir. Garnish with orange or a cherry. Serve with some fresh sweet popcorn. 

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