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Red Grape Mocktail - Bel'Uva NA Aperitif

Our followers already know we are no big fans of Dry January and Tournee Minerale. But nothing wrong with a #mocktailmonday once in a while. Often enough I mix up a tasty mocktail, because I still have to pick up my daughter later that evening at the music academy. I’m very happy to see more and more decent and tasty alternatives hitting the market. In the past year we’ve tasted some excellent gin-, amaro- and vermouth replacements. Non-alcoholic beverages that can be used as real alternatives. You hardly taste the difference. 

Today I’m tasting a brand new non-alcoholic vermouth alternative, Bel’Uva Aperitif Humelus NA Red.

Bel’Uva is a new Belgian producer who creates beverages based on just two things : Belgian wine grapes and a selection of herbs and botanicals. They produce a range of 3 wine-based gins (Muscaris, Pinot Blanc and Cabernet Noir), vermouth and 2 non-alcoholic vermouth alternatives (Red and white). In this case of working with natural products non-alcoholic means less than 0,5% alcohol.  

The wine grapes have their origin in de Belgian region of Haspengouw : Domain Hoenshof and Jerom Winery. The first one is no stranger for Double Strainger, we have tasted their fruity Ice Wines a couple of years ago. For this new range they try to focus on sustainability by also using the ‘Pomage’, the residue of juice and peels which remain after pressing. The same residue which is used for the creation of Marc/Grappa in typical wine-countries. 

This new aperitif can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks… or in a fruity mocktail. 

Red Grape Mocktail

2 parts Bel’Uva Humelus Aperitif NA Red
1 part Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic
A good squeeze of lime

Build in a highball glass with lots of ice. Give it a quick stir and garnish with a wedge of lime. I got the suggestion to also add a few raspberries, but for me this was too much. The wine and lime work perfect together. 

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