zaterdag 4 juli 2020

Easy & tasty summer cocktail : Summer Sour

Each summer I try to create a new tasty summercocktail. Last year it was the Sunshine Lover, which also made it to the menu of cocktailbar Coaster.

This year I created a summer drink in the style of the Caipirinha de Jerez 
I posted earlier, but added some blood orange juice for a complete makeover. Let’s say it’s a delicious crossover between a Caipirinha and a Daiquiri, with a big splash of sunshine 😉 

Summer Sour

25 ml Angostura 1824 Rum
25 ml Pitú Cachaça
15 ml Fresh lime juice
15 ml Blood orange juice
15 ml simple syrup

Shake with lots of ice. Double strain in a cocktail glass with a big block of ice. Garnish with a dried piece of orange or a cocktail cherry. Pick your choice. Enjoy on a hot sunny terrace. Works pretty good with insalata caprese bites.

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