woensdag 25 oktober 2023

Aberfeldy 125 years celebration

Last Monday, I had the delightful privilege of raising my glass in a toast to 125 years of exquisite craftsmanship, celebrating the enduring legacy of Aberfeldy, a renowned single malt distillery nestled amidst the breathtaking Scottish Highlands since its establishment in 1898. This grand occasion unfolded within the hallowed halls of the 'Produits Dangereux' warehouse at the Brussels restyled Tour & Taxis venue.

Founded by the visionary John Alexander Dewar, this distillery holds a hallowed place in the annals of the Scottish whisky industry. His tireless efforts and passion blazed a trail, propelling him into the ranks of the industry's pioneers. 

The result? A whisky that exudes a soft and opulent character, an essence that has left an indelible mark on the distinct style of Highland whisky throughout the years.

As we gathered at the bar, mixologists skilfully concocted a range of tantalizing cocktails, each masterfully crafted with Aberfeldy 12 at its core. Guests had their pick, whether it was the refreshing highball, the timeless and iconic Old Fashioned, the intriguing Penicillin or simply a sublime dram of this exceptional whisky. Soft drink options were, naturally, at our disposal as well. 

It is interesting to know that the famous TV chef Jamie Oliver uses Dewar’s 12 for his Penicillin cocktail, a blended whisky from the same house. Aberfeldy 12 leans a bit more towards Aberlour in taste, while Dewar’s 12 leans a bit more in the direction of the softer Glenlivet. Both use Aberfeldy Single Malt, but Dewar’s is a blend of 40 different single malt and grain whiskies, aged for at least 12 years. I also found an in-depth comparison in this article.  

Following a sumptuous dinner and a delightful array of Aberfeldy 12-based cocktails, the evening took a remarkable turn as we were ushered upstairs and into an exclusive masterclass. Here, we were introduced to a limited edition gem: Aberfeldy 25, specially bottled for this momentous occasion. This meticulously selected first-fill Oloroso sherry barrel lent its essence to the spirit, resulting in a whisky that flawlessly encapsulates Aberfeldy's trademark softness while teasing the palate with an abundance of honey notes from the Oloroso cask.

Culminating this enchanting evening, we had the privilege of observing the live wax sealing of our very own personalized bottles, a tangible memento of a truly exceptional celebration of Aberfeldy's enduring legacy.

Disclaimer: All pictures and texts are copyrighted by Geert Conard and Esito Consulting unless stated otherwise in the article. While some items might have been gifted by the producer or distributor, these are in no way paid promotions or recommendations.

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